Hello. My name is Karri Cool, the sole owner and operator of Unique Touch Therapeutic Massage, LLC.

In 2002, when I went to massage therapy school, I received a Diploma in both Swedish Massage and Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. At the time, I didn't realize I was attending a school with a specialized deep tissue technique. Learn more about this technique at www.pfrimmer.com. After years of living in Northwest Indiana, I finally started building my massage therapy business at the Portage Township YMCA. For many years, I was known as "Karri at the Y." In July of 2014, I decided to get an official business name and really work on growing my business. How did I come up with "Unique Touch Therapeutic Massage" as my business name, you ask? To my knowledge, I'm the only massage therapist in NWI who practices the Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. The therapeutic technique is not like other deep tissue massages. With me being the only Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapist in NWI (to my knowledge), and the technique being different, the words "Unique Touch" seemed perfect.

The most common question I get is, "How did you get into massage therapy?" When I got married to my ex-husband, he hired a massage therapist to come to the church to give the wedding party chair massages while we were getting ready. That was my very first massage, ever. Starting then, I got massages on a regular monthly basis. Every time I went in for my massage, I would ask questions. I decided this is something I would like to do. And I was right. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOB!

Before going to massage therapy school, I went to a hospital-based radiology school. There, I recieved my Associates degree in Applied Science in 1999. I still work as a PRN (as needed) Radiologic Technologist at a local hospital.

I enjoy doing both jobs. However, massage therapy is my passion. For me, there is no greater reward than knowing that I help others. Many clients walk in with chronic pain, leaving with minimal pain, or none at all. The client and I both see the results immediately after their massage. This is because of my "unique touch."

A little about me on a personal level: I grew up in a very small town southeast of Muncie, Indiana. The town is so small, I won't even mention the name because there is no way anyone has ever heard of it. I graduated high school in 1996. I attended Ball Memorial School of Radiologic Technology 1997-1999. Just five months after graduating from radiology school, I got married. In 2002, I attended massage therapy school at Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics. In 2003, my one and only little boy was born. He is my world! I worked at a hospital on the north side of Indianapolis and did massage therapy at a weight loss clinic in Anderson until moving to NWI. 

In 2004, I moved to Northwest Indiana for my (then) husband's job. At that time, my son was six months old. Soon, I realized that I couldn't stay at home full-time, and I started working at a local hospital as a Radiologic Technologist. In 2009, I got the opportunity to start up my massage therapy business with a contract at the Portage YMCA. Later in the year 2013, I added a second location at the Laporte YMCA. I am now a single mom growing my passion into a business!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Unique Touch Therapeutic Massage and myself. I look foward to seeing you soon.


Karri Cool R.T (R), LMT, PDMT

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